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Mobile Machinery and Specific Equipment

Our business : The engineering and manufacturing in automation, computers and industrial electricity for mobile machinery and specific equipment.

Technical skills

AUTOMATION: multiprocessor robots- safety robots- redundant robots- embedded controller- terminal operators (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC- SIEMENS- ROCKWELL- OMRON….).

ELECTRICAL POWER AND ELECTRICAL CONTROL: Power and control cabinets- machine equipment - Compliance (AUTOCAD, CANECO, ECODIAL, SEE ELECTRICAL, X ELEC…)

INDUSTRIAL DATA PROCESSING: Supervision- Process management (monitoring, tracking, statistics, CMMS…) - Specific application- On the basis of: Simplicity, Citec, Panorama, PC Vue, Visual Basic, Win CC, Windev, Wizcon Maestro….

MOBILE MACHINERY:Embedded controller, CAN network, radio controls, wiring harness, GPS guidance….


HIGH POWER ELECTRONICS: speed- temperature- level- flow- pressure…

NUMERICAL CONTROL: Position and speed control- Digitalizing axes

VISION:Positioning- quality control- counting the parts

DETECTION: Laser scanner- ultrasonic- infrared- bar codes- RFID

of mobile equipment and specific equipment

Scanner system

Scanner truck, scanner walk through detector and tunnel using X-rays installed at borders and in ports for radiography of trucks and containers.

Mobile Machinery

Automated tunnel boring machine - rubber tyre train type - tunnel lining segments carrier trolley – means of transporting asphalt for the road.

Mobile Equipment for Industry

Automated cart for the transport of large coils of metal sheets – trolley to carry pallets to the spare parts warehouse - Retrofit for wire guided trolley for production and storing – Automation and monitoring of five trolleys for the transport of iron (12m by 4m) for explosive forming- ladle transport vehicle

Tethered Balloon

Tethered Hot air balloon installed on tourist site; the balloon is attached by a cable and can rise up to 300 meters with 20 people on board- tethered hot air balloon which indicates the level of pollution by changing colour- Tethered hot air balloon in helical structure for advertising display in the car parks of large Parisian stores.

Other sectors

see specific data sheets: Equipment for industry – Special machines for Construction Industry and Infrastructures- Handling and Logistics- Environment.