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Our Roots

Since it was founded by M.Arsène Gauthey in 1957, the company GAUTHEY hasevolved steadily. To meet new needs, GAUTHEY AUTOMATISMES was created in 1992 with one aim in mind: focusing on state-of-the-art technology.


GAUTHEY AUTOMATISMES has more than forty employees, engineers, technicians, erector riggers who, through their expertise and numerous training plans, have become very productive in many areas such as IT and industrial electricity, supervision and process management, numerical control, regulation, weighing dosing, intercom, video surveillance (CCTV) and the networks.

The organisation by trade has opened up new horizons and today GAUTHEY AUTOMATISMES makes 60% of its turnover abroad (Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia), mainly working for large groups. The most promising areas of activity are among others: Environment, Security, automated platforms, automotive suppliers, special equipment, automated mechanics.

And now the third generation is managing with the objective of moving the company forward and thus, they will carry on this beautiful family story which started 50 years ago with M. Arsène Gauthey.


The decision of forming two companies was made:

The company GAUTHEY ELECTRICITE (web site: www.gautheyelectricite.com ) remained at « les Chaumottes »until 2000 and the company GAUTHEY AUTOMATISMES, which is still at the same place.

The company GAUTHEY AUTOMATISMES managed by Marc GAUTHEY continued to expand in various areas of activity or rather in various trades such as food processing, water treatment, cables, heavy engineering, and soon the first export contract with England in the iron and steel industry.

The media showed an interest in us and there were several reports about our company in both local and national newspapers.


Arsène GAUTHEY was then 65 and he took a well-deserved retirement.
He can be proud of himself and his gamble paid off!

GUY AND Marc took over the company and thus became the new leaders with the daunting task of continuing the family business and making it flourish.

One year later, the company moved to “Aux Chaumottes”. The premises were better suited and gradually adapted to the needs.
There were about twenty people working there. They all had specialized skills and expertise in various areas.

Two areas were then created: on the one hand, the electricity company for the building trade and industry, on the other hand, a new market for the industrial automation.

Each area grew, but automation seemed to be particularly successful and new customers, mainly mechanical set manufacturers contacted our company.

It was also the beginning of the PLC (Programmable Logic Control units) and the company proved excellent in the state-of-the-art field
The productions which were regional at the beginning soon became national


When the mines of “Les Thélots” were shut down, M. Arsene Gauthey decides to create his own company:

« Electricité GAUTHEY et Fils »
located 2 de la rue de Paris in Autun.

With three children, a bicycle and a toolbox, it took some nerve. But Arsène Gauthey was a very brave man and he knew his job incredibly well. The future proved him right.

One of his his first customers were the mines, the SNCF (French train company), Roc, a shoe company, and of course the building trade which was very prosperous at the time. Arsène Gauthey’s company gradually expanded and employed about 10 workers when it moved the workshop to La Croix Blanche street.

At that time, his two sons Guy, then Marc joined the company and the business continued to diversify.
Electronics was introduced and cards were developed manually with the means at hand. More and more complex projects were achieved for companies which were the flagships of their times such as SOTRADIP (cattle food), RONIS (locks), IDEAL STANDART which employed about 1000 people (produced cast iron radiators), JACQUARD which had 5 plants (clothes), DIM which was called BEGY at the time(a very famous industrial “jewel” in Autun) GAUTHIER (marbles), BCMC (concrete mixer plants), the Sandpits and Quarries, the CONSERVES MORVANDELLES,(canning industry) and AEB, EMG, SAMOP, etc…( mechanical companies) and of course the building industry with beautiful creations.