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Our Business :
The engineering and manufacturing in automation, IT and industrial electricity in various sectors of the environment.

Technical skills

Automation: Multiprocessor robots- safety robots- redundant robots- Operator terminals (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC – SIEMENS - ROCKWELL – OMRON…)

For buildings: Centralised Technical management and Building technical management: Lighting – Energy management - Driving power – Air conditioning – Heating – Fire.

ELECTRICAL POWER AND ELECTRICAL CONTROL: HV substation/LV substation - Power and control cabinets - Machine equipment – lighting – Driving power – compliance.

INDUSTRIAL DATA PROCESSING: Supervision – Management of reports and track records, CMMS (Computer assisted Maintenance Management)

High power electronics: Speed – Temperature – Level – Flow – Pressure.

Industrial networks: WIFI – wired network – Fibre optics (AS-I, CAN, Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profinet, Profisafe…)

Video surveillance: Site monitoring – Process monitoring.

Intercom and sound equipment:

Access control: Management of the access procedure to the site - Intrusion – People counting systems.

Protection of buildings: Lighting rod – Lightning protector – fire detection.

Management of work constraints (GSM, Internet…)

in this area

Drinking water treatment – Wastewater treatment – Wet well

Study, building the electrical installation and the automation equipment on the sites of: AUTUN – CAVALAIRE – COSNE/LOIRE – DOLE – LE CREUSOT – L’ISLE D’ABEAU – LURE – LYON – MACON – MONTCEAU – MONACO – MONTPELLIER – MOULIN – NEVERS – PASSY – THÔNES – VILLEFRANCHE /SAÔNE – etc) and on foreign sites: BATA ( Equatorial Guinea) – BEIRUT (Lebanon) – LAAYOUNE (Morocco)

Industrial water treatment

Study, building of the electrical installation and of the automation equipment.

Smoke treatment

STEP de GRENOBLE: Study and building of the electrical installation.

Waste treatment

Replacement of the robots which were linked by an Ethernet fibre optic network to a centralised supervision – WIFI connection to a remote supervision system – Replacing all the variable speed drives connected with the robots via Can Bus.

Boiler room

CHAUFFERIE URBAINE D’AUTUN: Electrical installation of a wood boiler – CHAUFFERIE URBAINE DE MACON ET HOPITAL DES CHANAUX A MACON: Study and manufacturing of the electrical and automation equipment for several gas and oil-fired boilers.

Other sectors

See specific data sheets: Equipment for industry - Special machines for Construction industry and infrastructure – Mobile machinery and specific equipment – Handling and logistics.